Monday, August 3, 2009


So June ended. July came and went, filled with lots of work (something I won't complain about, knowing how fortunate I am to have it—plus I had some great projects to work on). And I managed to trip over my own feet and fall into the black hole that sometimes sucks me up, making it difficult to get much more than the basics done. Blogging, I guess, is not one of the basics.

And now it's August. Already.

Back in June—I think; it was so long ago I can't be entirely sure—I finally got around to something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I got 20 of my photos printed as postcards (photos I took, not photos of me. That’s obvious to anybody who knows me at all well).

Ideally, I would have liked to order them from a local company that uses recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks and doesn’t require a minimum order of 500 prints of one photo. But this isn’t yet an ideal world. I ordered them from because (a) they ended up having the cheapest per-card price when each company’s shipping charges to Canada were factored in and (b) I could get 20 different cards.

There aren’t 20 postcards in this picture. Even though I knew better, I showed them to my mom before I took a picture of them (taking pictures of my pictures—is that silly?). And, knowing better, I told her she could choose one or two. Apparently, “one or two” equals “five.” The funny part is that, aside from one she used as a birthday card, she’s hoarding them, refusing to send them to anyone. I told her I could have regular old prints made for her—framed, even—but she’s clutching onto those cards like they’re Ansel Adams originals. And asking me to order more.

So I’ve started going through my mess of photo files, choosing some different photos now that I’ve learned a little bit about what works well and what doesn’t. I might also try ordering a single-photo pack from another company to see how well they turn out. I can always give the extras to my mom.


Mallu said...

So nice to hear from you, Susan!
Gorgeous postcards! The pink flower one (up in the middle) is my favourite.

Take care!

Mallu said...

Ohh - today I found the pink flower card in my mailbox! It's wonderful! Thank you so much, Susan!

Sandy said...

How nice to see you post again, but I must tell you another month has gone flying by. Tis Sept, now. I'm not ready for it to be Sept, but it came anyway. Beautiful. Congrats on getting your project done.


Sandy said...

Checking back again to see how you are.