Thursday, October 9, 2008

Licit soap deal

After taking a soapmaking class last week, I put in an order with the teacher for what I need to make two more batches of soap as well as some shampoo (I’m getting so self-sufficient that soon I will be hewing my own wood and drawing my own water from the forest in our backyard. Somebody please stop me when I start making cookies out of tree bark). The teacher lives in another part of the Lower Mainland but comes to this area fairly often, so we agreed that the next time she was going to be over my way, she would bring me my order.

Tonight I got a call. She was just leaving her place and heading to my town. Could I meet her in half an hour at a certain gas station? Twenty minutes later, I ran out the door, yelling to my husband that I had to go meet my supplier in a gas station parking lot.

I really crack myself up sometimes. My kids, though, who are used to me doing strange things (like taking pictures of jam in the rain), didn’t bat an eye about the fact that I was (a) very excited about going to pick up soapmaking supplies and (b) pretending it was an illicit drug deal.


Sandy said...

LOL!!! You crack me up. Gotta be careful, Homeland Security might see you're meeting your supplier Glad you're having such fun making your soap and learning to do new and different things.

Maybe in your former life, you were the wife of someone like Daniel Boone? And thats why you're good at and into the soap?

Have a super wkend

Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire said...

Sandy said, "...the wife of someone like Daniel Boone?"

I think you might have BEEN Daniel Boone!

I would so go buy soapmaking supplies at a gas station under the cover of darkness with you, and then we could make soap together and give them as CHRISTmas presents to everybody we know. And sell them at Bazaars.

But I am NOT eating cookies out of tree bark. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.

Sandy said...

Oh dear....nothing new, hope you've not been arrested for meeting your supplier again. lol

Have a great rest of the wkend.

Margerie said...

LOL Susan!!! You crazy Canadians........