Friday, July 11, 2008

Crafts using old magazines

On Always an Editor today, I posted about reusing magazines. I thought I would post some links to projects here. But first I'd like to give a plug to Laura of Little Orange Kitchen, who makes wonderful things from reused paper. I'm eagerly awaiting a wallet I recently ordered from her Etsy shop.

Here are some projects that use magazine pages:
Woven purse
And more bowls
Coiled baskets
Paper beads
Decoupage Easter eggs
Handmade postcards
Homemade stickers


Margerie said...

Thanks Susan!

Lots of fun stuff. I especially like the homemade stickers- how cool and easy is that?!!

Of course I would be encouraging my daughter's sticker addiction..........we could add glitter....who is having fun now??

laura said...

Thank you so much for the mention! was almost 2 weeks after your order that you posted...I know it can take awhile to get there in some cases...but that seems like a long time. I hope it did finally arrive safe and sound!