Thursday, June 26, 2008

CD cover cards

Have we done some actual creating at our house after all this time? Unbelievable!

Today my kids have their last music lessons for the year so we are following an annual tradition we started several years ago, making thank-you cards for their teachers by photocopying the front and back covers of a CD and gluing them onto cardstock. The kids each choose a CD with a song they've learned this year. As you can see, Jamie approves of their choices.

Today is also the last day of school and--although our weather is no indication of it--summer vacation has officially begun. This means that bags and boxes of partially used school supplies have come home, adding to our mountain of art supplies. Here at our house, we are up to our eyebrows in supplies of all kinds, including almost every type of writing and drawing implement from Blo-Pens to smelly markers to watercolor pencils to oil pastels. Child Two and I have set a goal of using each kind of art supply at least once this summer. I hope we'll reduce the clutter while making some fun projects that we can share with you.

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Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire said...

Maybe #2 should make C-cards her project for the year and she can have her own section on our C-card section for AFTER!

Happy summer!