Monday, April 14, 2008

My baby is a star

Last month I wrote about Child Two's first finished embroidery project (note that I say "first finished project. It's not her first started project. She takes after her dad both her parents in having numerous projects on the go at once). Kristin Nicholas, the author of Kids' Embroidery, the book the pattern came from, saw my post and asked if she could use a picture of Child Two's kitty on her blog. Well, not only did she use the picture, she wrote a very touching post about writing craft books and passing on skills and knowledge.

We found Kristin's book at the library. Looking through it at home, Child Two found several projects she'd like to make, I found several I'd like to do (even though I'm not officially a kid), and we found more that we'd like to do together, so we ordered our own copy. If you or a kid you know are interested in embroidery, this book is full of projects that are appealing, quick, and completely achievable for beginners.

It wasn't until after Kristin contacted me and I looked at her website that I realized I own two of her other books, Colorful Stichery and Kids Knitting. Isn't the Internet wonderful? I wrote a little piece just because I was proud of my daughter and I ended up hearing from someone so talented and inspiring!

I'm very happy to be able to share my interest in crafts with my kids. When I was learning to embroider at Child Two's age, all I had to choose from were stamped dishtowels and bibs bought at the variety store and Sunset kits. Now, thanks to writers like Kristin, kids can easily find projects that are achievable, fun, and designed for them.

Kristin, I'm glad that writing these books fits into your life as a mom, because it's made my life as a mom that much more enjoyable.


Margerie said...

That is great Susan! I grew up with a lefty mom and neither one of us was flexible enough to comprehend embroidery backwards.

Dear daughter and I made our first thing together- a fleece tie-it-together poncho. It was fun. I can't wait to do embroidery. I definitely need the kids book to learn myself. What do you think is a good age to start? I am 41, so I hope I am old enough ;)

Susan said...

I don't know, Margerie. Do you think you can handle it?

I think that if your dear daughter is showing an interest, she's old enough. Just start with something simple that she can feel successful at (and you too).

A fabric like felt is good to start with because it doesn't unravel and you don't need a hoop. Maybe she could make a little pillow for that immaculate room of hers?

Child Two gets really interested in a given craft for a while and then puts it away for ages (well, she's actually more likely to leave it lying around) and then takes it out again some other time. I've learned not to push her or make it a job. It's got to be fun!

Susan said...

Oh, and another thing, Margerie. Child Two is a lefty and I'm not, but she's managing okay with embroidery. Flipping the instructions over helps.

She's learned to knit holding the needles and yarn the way I do--it seems if an activity takes both hands (like knitting or Guitar Hero), she can do it "right-handed."

The only thing we've had a really hard time with is crochet. I can twist my mind around embroidering backwards, but figuring out how to show her crochet with my left hand has been too much for me so far.

Sandy said...

Thats soooooooooo cool! I think passing on skills of these kinds of life long hobbies is a wonderful gift on so many levels. It's such quality time with our children for one, for two it's something they can do all their lives, it's a wonderful way to give of oneself and I think teaches kids patience (something in short supply often these days of the quick fixes and instant gratification); and it's a marvelous way to help build self estimate in ones accomplishments.


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